Crit Juice: Dungeons, Dragons, Drinking
A podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons while under the influence.
Episode 009: A Space Jam Session

Starting the night off with Tom Fonss downing a full shot of 151 and MattB accidentally lighting his hand on fire, the group heads to Gub's hometown of Blazestone. Without Gralford's help, will they be able to take on Asmar the Ashmaker? And will the Princess ever get a weapon? Find out in this episode of CRIT JUICE!

Starring: Daniel AckerMatt BuchholtzMatt CookTom Fonss, and Brian McGrath.
DM'd By: David Crennen

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Episode 008: Pants Off for Combat Advantage

In a mix of Nickelodeon and the Oregon Trail, the group finds themselves out of control on makeshift rafts in a river of ooze. Pants are taken off for combat advantage and Tom Fonss crit fails in real life. Find out if all the characters (and players) make it out alive!

Starring: Daniel AckerMatt BuchholtzMatt CookTom FonssBrian McGrath, and Gary M Soldati
DM'd By: David Crennen

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