Crit Juice: Dungeons, Dragons, Drinking
A podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons while under the influence.
Episode 032: The Mortar and The Pestle Avail on iTunes

WARNING: This podcast is intended for a mature audience

The Attack on Everstorm Palace continues as the mysteriously charismatic Lee Newton keeps our players on their toes with a slew of insane traps and #DoveSwords. Will they be able to sway her to their side, or will the old adage "The House Always Wins" ring true? Also, how many shots has Tom Fonss had? 

(This episode brought to you by: Magic Hat!) 


Starring: Daniel AckerMatt BuchholtzMatt CookTom FonssBrian McGrath, and Gary M Soldati
With Special Guest: Lee Newton

DM'd By: David Crennen


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