Crit Juice: Dungeons, Dragons, Drinking
A podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons while under the influence.
Episode 018: What is Love?

The adventurers thin the ranks of the Veiled Eye and attempt not to get knocked into the Hellmouth in this episode of Crit Juice. Wolf has to roll for his life, Dar'Jjeeki learns to do something new with his ears, and Handsome Gary may have finally drank too much.

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Starring: Daniel AckerMatt BuchholtzMatt CookTom FonssBrian McGrath, and Gary M Soldati
DM'd By:
 David Crennen

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  • I might be beatnig a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

    posted by: Michael on 2013-07-18 00:50:01

  • Always reifrsheng to hear a rational answer.

    posted by: Thatoneguy on 2013-07-15 20:59:15

  • Well done to think of soenihtmg like that

    posted by: Rishav on 2013-07-14 15:50:10

  • I actually found this more eneiatrintng than James Joyce.

    posted by: Gabrielle on 2013-07-12 20:03:48

  • I don't know if you know this but the pic you linked on your page isn't coimng up in internet explorer. Oh and no plan for the weekend aside from seeing I Am Number Four . I hope it's available in dbox.

    posted by: TheEx on 2013-07-12 01:26:35

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