Crit Juice: Dungeons, Dragons, Drinking
A podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons while under the influence.
Episode 038: Prince Meets Crowned Prince

WARNING: This podcast is intended for a mature audience

We last left our adventurers in Lordan, the city on the edge of the Eternal Forest. Now we cut to the action, bringing you up to speed with a SHINY NEW EPISODE recorded only last week! With Dar'Jjeeki's Matt Cook landing a massive TV gig, will the Princess be meta-impressed, or will Arience's charms win her over?! Also what is #TEAMEXTREME?!

(This episode brought to you by: Magic Hat!) 


Starring: Daniel AckerMatt BuchholtzTom FonssBrian McGrath, and Gary M Soldati

DM'd By: David Crennen


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